Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline


Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline

Getting Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline may seem like a daunting task, you may have even tried before and was denied, but that doesn't mean you can't get one at all. In fact, here at Bayside Auto Sales, we guarantee your approval. Steady employment and a need to own a pre-owned quality vehicle is all you need. Having a repossession on your credit report is not the end of the world and we plan to prove that to you.

Offering Auto Loans

What we offer you is a chance to get Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline. Your credit may be damaged due to the repossession and maybe even other problems you may have had in the past, but we can help try to fix it. Our well-trained team of experts will help not only find a vehicle that you can afford, but also one that you need and will fit into your life.

We're not going to write you up for a loan for a sedan if what you really need is a truck, that's not how we do things. Our financial management team will work with you and help you understand what you can afford, and find you something with-in those guidelines.

Affordable Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline

Not having a vehicle or owning one that just can't get you around anymore is a real pain and we know that. That's why we make Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline painless. Give us your credit problems and let us deal with the creditors. We have longstanding relationships with well-respected credit institutions and we know how to get you the best deal as possible. We don't want to give you a loan just to get you in-and-out the door. We want to give you a loan that you can afford. One that you won't go broke trying to make payments ever month. Instead, we want to give you a loan that you can afford with the end result being you driving in a quality pre-owned vehicle and on the fast track to boosting your credit score.

We don't play games. We make sure that throughout the loan process you know everything that is going on. We don't hit you with a huge down payment or any other hidden cost at closing. Also, unless the custom and the creditors agree upon it, we won't have you sign a loan with any balloon payments. And first and for most, we will treat you with respect, because your satisfaction is guaranteed.

So if you have any questions about Auto Loans after Repossession in Shoreline, we urge you to come in to see us a Bayside Auto Sales. We are open seven days a week – we are located at 9815 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA. 98204.

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