Used Car Loans after Foreclosure in Kirkland

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Used Car Loans after Foreclosure in Kirkland

Having gone through a foreclosure is a stressful situation, and there may have been multiple factors that caused your home payments to fall behind. Having a foreclosure will remain on your credit for about seven years, and your credit score will drop into possible subprime levels. If you are looking for ways to repair your credit, you should look into the Used Car Loans after Foreclosure in Kirkland being offered by Bayside Auto Sales.

Getting Approved for Used Car Loans in Kirkland

Having your credit affected by a foreclosure may make it difficult to get approved for an auto loan. You may find that lenders are turning you away. If this is the case, you should seek out places that will work with individuals with poor credit, for they can help get you approved for a loan when others have rejected them. If you are curious about getting approved for Used Car Loans after Foreclosure in Kirkland, here are a few ways to make your financial situation look more appealing to lenders.

If you have a family member or friend who is willing to co-sign, this can lower your interest rate and make it easier to get approved. Having your pay stubs and bank statements available and readily accessible will also show you have the means of repaying your loan. When you apply for pre-approval, this will also help since you’ll be guaranteed a loan, however the interest rate may be higher than normal due to your credit standings.

The Benefits of Used Car Loans after Foreclosure

After determining your loan amount, you’ll want to make sure you work hard to not fall into possible foreclosure status again. If you find yourself unable to pay your home loan again, immediately reach out to your lender. Most lenders and financial institutes prefer to not foreclose, so try to work out a payment plan with them as soon as possible. By properly managing your payments, even with a deferment plan, you can make sure to pay them on time. Having an auto loan with Bayside Auto Sales, you will also see that your credit is beginning to rise in as little as six months.

For more information on Used Car Loans after Foreclosure in Kirkland, get in contact with Bayside Auto Sales. We are a leading dealership that specializes in quality used cars and loans for all financial situations. If you have any questions, please call our experienced team at 425-267-9777. We can help your credit get back on track and get you back on the road.

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